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Lodges & Camping

During our 3-weekly vacation, we have camped all in all 5 times, the remaining overnight stays, we were in lodges and in the bungalows of the national reserves. With exception of the camps Namutoni and Halali in Etosha national park the accomodations can be classified from good to very good. The rooms in Lodges and Guestfarms are often country styled furnished, mixed with European tradition and very lovingly in detail. There are more differences at the catering. Because often no restaurant are nearby, one is depended on the half board offered by the accommodations and this is very different. From extravagantly Buffet up to german "Schweinebraten" all exists and the price is not always a consideration.

On camping site (at least, which we have visited) clean toilets, warm showers and grill possibilities are usual. The water for the showers is often heated up only in the evening in a stove. Because in the out-of-the-way places not always exist a power supply, loud diesel generators sometimes make noise during the night. The camping sites costs, as a rule about 200,-Nam $ per night and are often attractively situated.

A Reservation of the campsites at very frequented places, as for example Etosha national park or Sossusvlei, can be recommended anyway. Booking rooms on private farms (yes or no) is dependent on the own flexibility (also the flexibility in the wallet). With the houses one can apply the saying: Anything is always to found.

Short description of our accommodations along the itinerary:

Hardap Dam

  • the landscape are not so viewy, hence, only stop for overnight
  • inexpensive, good economy bungalows, directly at the reservoir

Campground near the Quiver tree forrest (Quivertree Forest Camp)

  • directly at the entrance to the Quiver tree forest, belongs to the farm area
  • favorably if one might shoot photos in the morning light
  • Two Cheetahs in an enclosure

Lüderitz Pension Waterkant

  • kindly older married couple (German)
  • provide tours on the sailing ship "Sedina"
  • relatively inexpensive (approx. 300, - Nam $ pp)

Betta Campground

  • only overnight stop
  • every site is equiped with an "observation tower" with view over the surrounding savanna
  • diesel generator works overnight

Tsauchab River Camp

  • pretty equiped campsground
  • if not so much guests there are, one gets an own toilets/shower
  • sites are so large, that one hears neither something from the neighbor nor sees anything
  • situeted in the river bed of the Tsauchab River
  • relatively expensive 400, - Nam $ per night, offered grill packets and packed lunches small and overpriced
  • good starting point for excursions in the Naukluft park

Betesda Restcamp

  • Camping sites looked not very inviting
  • Room and dinner very good, price-performance ratio okay
  • starting point for excursions to Sossusvlei
  • nice alternative to (filthy) campsite in Sesriem and (expensive) Sossusvlei Lodge

Campground Sesriem

  • an absolute rip-off, staff unkindly
  • campsites were fully booked in the low season (mainly by overlanders)
  • Alternative: mud place near gas station, inclusive diesel generator to the same price as normal campsite
  • Who can afford it anyhow should stay in the Sossusvlei Lodge --> Lodge in the form of a Bedouins tent --> beautiful, romantic, but very expensive

Rostock Ritz Lodge

  • on the way from Sesriem to Swakopmund
  • nice extensive farm area, fantastic view from the terrace over the landscape
  • farm round trips advisable
  • excellent cuisine

Beach Lodge Swakopmund

  • the best Lodge on the whole trip, from the bedroom look-out to the sea
  • is situated outside from Swakopmund, directly on the beach
  • suitable for long beach walks
  • was almost fully booked, in spite of low season

Ugab Wilderness Camp

  • most beautiful campsite on the trip
  • situated wild-romantic in the river valley of the Ugab River

Khorixas Lodge

  • absolute inadisable
  • Room good, but the service in the restaurant was a desaster
  • directly at the street, overnight to much noise
  • better the almost twice as expensive Vingerklip Lodge or Camping

Otjitotongwe Cheetah Guestfarm

  • Small but very petty!
  • very kindly Lodge owners
  • beautiful small round-bungalow in the middle of bush near Kamanjab
  • Very close encounter with cheetahs something quite special

Etosha National Park (Camps Okaukuejo, Halali, Namutoni)

  • the quality of furniture leaves to be desired
  • simply and partly dowdy
  • dinner and luch in the camp restaurants only averagely

Waterberg Plateau Park - Bernabe de la Bat Restcamp

  • nice, spacious standard bungalow, situated at the mountain side
  • Bungalow must be locked up always, otherwise, baboons pitch into food
  • More pets to expect: fat, black spiders!

Düsternbrook Guestfarm

  • make advertisement for leopards, if one see the 2-3 leopards in the enclosures, one is disappointed
  • halfboard very bad
  • Gamedrive okay, but all together too expensive

Swiss Chalets - Windhoek

  • Owner a kindly couple, recently emigrated from Germany
  • ideally for an overnigh stop, directly situated along the street to the airport
  • simply, but for the price okay

Etosha Nationalpark
Etosha Nationalpark Addresses for Reservation



Rostock Ritz Lodge

Cheetah Farm

Beach Lodge

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